Monday, August 29, 2011

New Approach

Hello everyone! It's been a little while since I gave y'all an update. So here's what's been going on lately...

Despite my hand injury during the Regionals, I've never felt more prepared for a competition than I did then. So even though I left frustrated, I was very satisfied with my training and nutrition leading up to that weekend. I think I may be starting to crack the "training code".

First off, on the nutrition, I made quite a few changes. I think my new philosophy may be "many small changes add up to one big difference". I have never really taken supplements before, but this time I did. I added in a post-workout protein mix, fish oils, multivitamins and creatine. I also added in a pre-workout mix for the actual day of competition. I've got to say that despite how expensive supplements can be, I really feel like they made a difference. The pre-workout especially made a difference; it no doubt delayed the onset of muscle fatigue. Also, about 2 weeks before the competition, I started drinking a ton of bottled high-pH water and cut out all grains, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and legumes. These changes also made a profound difference in my recovery time and my overall energy levels.

For the the training itself, about 6 weeks out from the competition, I gradually started adding more volume and more training sessions. I didn't have time for actual two-a-days, but I did start running in the morning and doing two or three metcons during my gym time. This was an excellent help over the weekend of competition, because I was already used to doing multiple workouts in a day. I also left without feeling any soreness.

As for my current training, I have made a few changes. I am hardly doing any cardiovascular training, maybe about once a week. My workouts consist of 2-3 strength/power lifts (5x5,5x3,6x2,...), short intense intervals (sled drags, 100m row sprints,...) and shorter metcons (5 minutes max). I feel that increased strength and power are what will truly make me better. Whenever a competition rolls around, I will start implementing longer metcons and cardiovascular training, but it will be my ability to throw around heavy weights for a lot of reps that will push me to the next level.

Currently I am training for the Black Box Clean Competition on September 25th in Fort Worth. My previous best clean is 275#. I'm going to try and get a new PR of 285#! Wish me luck, and I will talk to you all soon.

God bless,