Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Regional Results

Regionals has now come and gone. Here's the rundown of how I did.

The first WOD on Friday went pretty well. The route for the run was kind of awkward, so it took me a lot longer than I expected, but I was then able to crank out 25 unbroken handstand pushups, which caught me way up. I then performed the rest of the handstands as singles and was the first person off the wall to the rower. I rowed as hard as I could, but I'm not a super strong rower, so it took me about 3:50 I think. I finished second in my heat and ninth overall with a time of 9:49.

During the thruster ladder I was feeling really good, but I guess all those handstand pushups took a toll. I managed to get up 215# pretty handily, but then I didn't quite have it in me to get 225#. I was really hoping to get 225#, but I was pleased with 215# anyway. This concluded the first day, and I was 14th overall going into day two.

Things got interesting in day two. The first WOD required 45 total deadlifts with 315#. I went into it thinking to myself, "I might get a tear or two". That was an understatement. The bars were brand new (so the grating was really rough), they were a lot thicker than I'm used to, and they were scorching hot. Whatever it was, it was a perfect storm that my hands couldn't handle. My hands ripped badly on the very first set of 21. Every rep after that was a mental battle. The weight was fine and I could handle it well, but I could feel my hands ripping more with each rep. Blood was flowing out of my hands and making the situation even worse. However, there was no turning back, and I finished it out with a time of 7:21, over a minute slower than it should have been.

My hands were completely thrashed afterwards, and stinging like crazy, so I began to think my competition was over. The final workout involved 100 pullups and 100 kettlebell swings, which would be a nightmare in my condition. As the time for my heat approached, I tried testing out a few pullups and swings. I taped my hands up as much as I possible could and tried a few. It was painful, but I was able to manage 3-4 reps at a time. I decided that even if it meant I got last place, I still needed to go out there if I could do it. With that, I taped up my hands a little more and went out there.

As I expected, the workout started off very slow. I was only able to manage 3-5 pullups and kettlebell swings at a time. It was agonizing but I focused and pushed throuhg every rep. In a turn of fortune, since the pullup bars and kettlebells were so hot, and since the standards on the swings were so strict, nobody else was going very fast either. I think I finally finished the swings somewhere around 18:00, which was great because it meant I still had 7:00 to get as many double unders and overhead squats as I could, which would affect my hands too much. Unfortunately, at that point, I was so stinking hot (it was 115 degrees on a blacktop) that I couldn't go much faster. I finished all the double unders, then struggled through the squats and managed to get 45 reps before the 25:00 cap. Amazingly, I finished 20th place in this WOD.

So after day 2 I was in 19th place overall, which was not enough to make it to day 3. All in all I am pleased with my performance. I figured with my hands the way they were I would do much worse, and 19th place is respectable, but I know I could have done so much better. But all is well, because my best years in Crossfit are still ahead of me. I'm going to train hard and train smart this year, and come back next year and put on a clinic. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Some

I'm heading off to the Crossfit South Central Regionals in Tomball, TX today! I've been training hard and I'm feeling fit and healthy. I plan on keeping a cool head about me (despite the fact it's going to be 100 degrees down there!) and just doing the best I can. And of course, have fun! Say a prayer for me!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Training for Regionals

These last few weeks I have been hard at work training for the South Central Regional. I have one more hard week of training ahead of me, then next week I'll take it a little lighter, then next weekend is the competition. I'll go ahead and share with you a little bit of what my training has looked like.

Surprisingly, Crossfit HQ released the regional workouts early, and all of the regions will be doing the same 6 WOD's. This has helped me out a bit because now I know exactly what to train for! The workouts can be found at the following link...

Having looked over the workouts and tested out a few of them, I don't think that there are any that will really hurt me. If a workout has something I'm weak at, it also has something I'm good at, so it all evens out. I recently did WOD 4, and I've got to say that I do not look forward to doing those 100 Overhead Squats again!

So in essence, I have been doing metcons, lifts and skill work all related to what the workouts are going to be. Also, besides just doing the usual routine, I'm adding on slightly more volume. So instead of doing one met-con I might do two, or I may do longer met-cons. My anaerobic capacity has always been pretty good but I lack in aerobic capacity, so I have been trying to develop that. It should also help me to keep up my performance over 3 days of working out. I have also been working out in the middle of the day when it is hottest. The competition is down in the Houston area, so the weather is going to be a nightmare! I've also added in a few supplements that I didn't used to take. I started incorporating post-workout protein shakes, fish oils, a multi-vitamin and pre-workout complexes. As far as diet goes, I'm drinking more water, eating as much organic food as I can, and adding more starches to make up for my increased training volume.

All in all, I feel pretty good! I'm looking forward to getting the workouts done, and hopefully I can put forth my best possible performance! Wish me luck!