Sunday, July 25, 2010

Exercise and Pain Tolerance

I saw an interesting little fact while surfing the internet today. It had to do with exercise and hypoalgesia (decreased sensitivity to pain). For some time there has been debate as to whether exercise increases an individual's tolerance for pain, but apparently a study was performed at the University of Wisconsin which proved that there is indeed a relationship between the two. Furthermore, "Results indicate that hypoalgesia occurred consistently following high-intensity exercise. In the studies in which exercise intensity was increased by increasing workloads, hypoalgesia was found most consistently with a workload of 200 W and above."

So if you keep up the intensity in Crossfit, you will build a body that is tougher and more pain-free!

The link to the article's abstract can be found here:

Yours in health,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Approach

I am just about ready to head to DFW airport to embark on a trip to the Crossfit Games in California. With the few minutes of spare time that I have left, I want to leave everyone with a couple of my thoughts on the upcoming event.

Lately, everyone has been asking me if I'm getting excited for tomorrow's competition. To their unbelief, my response every time has been, "Not really". Let me explain why. It is not because I am nervous or apathetic, but events such as this require one to be in top mental and physical condition. If I allow myself to get too excited, I am risking both my focus and, funny as it sounds, my heart rate. Obviously, in the middle of doing a brutal WOD, the last thing you want is your heart to work even harder!

Of course, excitement and nervousness are feelings I've had to fight. My main tool for fighting nervousness would have to be self confidence. Not necessarily the confidence that I will win, but the confidence that I trained as hard as I could, did everything to prepare, and when I get out there I know I'm going to give 100%. If all of the previous is true, then what else is there? If I don't win, then at least I won't walk away with any regret. My goal is to do everything I can to get ready, give everything I've got out on the field, and let the result be it's own.

And, of course, I know that God's will is utmost in my life, and no workout will ever change that.

Thank you everyone so much for your encouragement and support! Pray for us!