Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Another year is upon us, and with it, many new years resolutions! I myself didn't make any because I think the best time to make changes is now, not "next year". However, for those of you who did decide to commit to one, here are a few tips to help you out! As one who's struggled to make changes in the past, maybe these can help you.

If your resolution was a positive (adds something, like exercise), the best time to perform your behavior is right now. You can't say, "Today's busy, so we'll see what tomorrow looks like" because I can tell you what tomorrow looks like: Tomorrow's busy, too. Another reason you might not do it right now is because you don't have a plan. If you are able, you need to sit down and write a plan, with clear short term and long term goals. Then you need to track your progress so that you see the efforts you are making paying off. If you do not know where to start on a plan, you need to find an expert who can help. If you are not willing to ask for some help, then chances are you are not dedicated enough to your resolution and there's little chance you will follow through with it anyway.

If your resolution was a negative (removing something, like junk food), you definitely have a greater challenge ahead of you. Something weird happens in the brain when you tell yourself you can't have something. Your brain almost throws a "tantrum" over wanting that particular thing. Many times you find something else to help ease the temptations ("paleo pancakes" or "paleo ice cream", as some of you well know) but these are merely encouraging your brains tantrums. The best route is to completely avoid those temptations. If you think about the thing you want, pay it no more heed than that one thought. If you dwell on it, it's already too late. Do whatever you can to avoid those temptations and constantly keep your mind busy. Also keep in mind that you really do not need that thing, and you will be perfectly fine without it. Keep these tips in mind and you can do it!

Well I hope these helped! Best of luck sticking to your resolutions and I hope all of us have a safe and productive year!


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